Liga Masiva Farmers

You probably know we work directly with small-scale organic farmers. You’ve probably tasted how these farmers’ love for careful cultivation yields phenomenal coffee. What you may not yet know is just who these farmers are as people. So, we thought we’d share! We spend lots of time on the farms and we wanted to give you a glimpse into the lives, families, and work of our incredible partners.

Meet Juan “Rafael” Abreu Duran. Always energetic, he beats us up the hill to the farm every time.

Meet Rómulo Carmen del Pichardo. Rómulo has led the reforestation of the area around his farm.

Meet Erasmo Aracena. Erasmo is quiet at first meeting, but is deeply passionate about his work.

Meet Carlos Aracena. The hardest-working person around, and with an unsinkable sense of humor too.

Meet Martin Candelaria. He’s grown coffee his whole life, and loves sweet plantains (as do we!).

Meet Jacinto Candelario. Jacinto’s always quick with a smile and laugh, and never far from his farm.

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