What comes after Hope’s Edge…

A post from Emily Kerr, Liga Masiva’s founder & CEO…

Nine months short of graduating from college, I called my Mom and let her know I was probably going to drop out. I wasn’t struggling academically. I didn’t have some catastrophic problem to contend with. But I was hugely, tangibly, acutely frustrated.

I was frustrated with learning instead of doing. I was frustrated with the “senior week” mentality in which the goal of college was to study quickly to leave more time for drinking. Mostly, I was frustrated with myself for wanting deeply to do… but not yet doing in the ways I imagined. I wasn’t yet creating what I wanted to for the world… and I was scared that it might not be possible.

I didn’t drop out. Part of it was me was tapping into my patience. Part of it was my Mom’s wise advice. And the biggest part of the reason I didn’t drop out was books and experiences like Frances Moore Lappé and (her daughter) Anna Lappé’s Hope’s Edge. Their book, along with a number of other bolstering experiences I had that year, gave me powerful proof that creating for the world in the way I wanted to was possible. Their book affirmed some of the most radical things I was coming to believe… and put a spotlight on the brave people acting in the world in accordance with those beliefs.

Many years later, a dogeared copy of Hope’s Edge still sits on my shelf and Frances Moore Lappé has continued her work in shaping, spotlighting, and powering work for people, food, and the environment.

So, three months ago, when we were launching our Advocate Program and looking for the most meaningful things we could find to train, inspire, and influence our advocates… we crossed our fingers and reached out to Frances to see if she’d speak with us.

She said yes! This Wednesday, Frances will be giving an intimate talk to Liga Masiva’s advocates. The call will center around Frances’s newest, and perhaps most audacious book yet: EcoMind. We highly suggest picking up this super-readable, super-powerful book. And we’ll be posting after her session to share some of the juiciest bits from what she shares.

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