The Liga Box! It’s Real (almost)!

Aside from some minor import delays and an exacto knife wound (oops!), things are going smoothly with our hand-made batch of 500 Liga Boxes. We’ve just gotten the beautiful magazines back from the printer (printed on recycled paper with vegetable-based inks, of course), and we have almost all the components needed to put them together. The rest should be arriving any minute now, and then we’ll spend all weekend weighing and labeling the products, filling the boxes and wrapping them in their beautiful sleeves.

It’s a thrill to be back in the make-it-all-by-hand phase. It’s a lot of work, of course, but a bit of music, an exacto knife and some scotch tape is making it all come together. Check out the attached pictures to see the boxes in progress, and make sure to order yours before they’re all gone!

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One response to “The Liga Box! It’s Real (almost)!”

  1. Gisela Coy

    From the point of view of an artist and a former mexican (I don’t have dual citizenship) I’m moved to tears the box is beautiful and I’m going to enjoy the sweets I grew up with thank you for your hard work and for helping the hard working latins. God bless.