Day 7: They’re advocates. Are you?

Liga Masiva is launching an Advocate Program, searching the world for 100 amazing people that will help us advocate for (and build!) a global farmers’ market. For every day that the Advocate Program applications are open (10/7-10/23), we’re sharing stories of innovators and influencers that are advocating in a big way. Want to share your own advocate story or learn more about the advocate program? Read more here or email us!

Name: Craig Edelman

Occupation: Co-founder of Switchboard

Is an advocate for: Health professionals working together to improve patient care in the developing world.



Name: Caleb Zigas

Occupation: Director of La Cocina

Is an advocate for: Everyone having an opportunity to make a living doing something that they do. On a daily basis I advocate for the rights of people to be equals, no matter where they come from.

Name: Taryn Miller-Stevens

Occupation: Director of Partnerships at and Chief Big Idea Builder at MBM

Is an advocate for: Challenging the status quo.


Are you an advocate? Want to be? Liga Masiva is choosing 100 go-getters who care about making a difference to help build a “global farmers’ market.” By helping spread the word and grow the member community, advocates will play a crucial role in a global movement… and make connections that will last a lifetime. Apply now! (Applications open until 10/23!)

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