Wellness Program

The great people over at B Corp recently reached out asking about our company’s “wellness program.”

Our initial reaction was to laugh out loud at the idea that we’d have something as corporate-sounding and formal as a “wellness program.” As a startup, a lot of things are under construction… and a formalized wellness program seems like a reach.

After the giggles subsided, however, we realized that we do actually give considerable attention to our wellness– as a team and as individuals. And just because we don’t have them formalized doesn’t mean we lack strategies for staying well and happy even as throw ourselves into doing this work we’re so passionate about.  So, in celebration of all the ways we stay well as we work, here are some of our favorite Wellness Program tips:

  • Lying on the floor is a great way to shift perspective and thinking.
  • “Company picnics” (even if a peanut butter sandwich shared in the office) are really important.  Food brings people together.
  • Ergo, snacks. Some of our favorites include chopped fruit, chickpea salad, and well, these Dino cookies when we’re in the DR.

  • Exercise.  Creative work energizes your brain, and its good to keep your body up to speed.  Yoga mats, running shoes, whatever: working your body helps strengthen your mind.
  • Long walks immediately before or after important company calls.  Friends at the Unreasonable Institute find that walking during calls is also great.
  • Work smarter, not longer.  Creative brain work is hard, so take deep breaths and a break when you need to.
  • Take real breaks.  Browsing the internet may not actually be a great break.
  • Work with the best people you know.  For us, this is the key to overall wellness. Our team of passionate, funny, kind, hard-working people keeps us sane and well in the face of stresses and complications.

Fundamentally, we’ve noticed that work that is meant to nourish the world, like ours, also has to be nourishing to us, the people doing it.  So we take these tips, and do our best to do and be well. We hope you do, too.