How to rent an apartment in Jarabacoa

The Liga Masiva team is now successfully installed in an apartment in Jarabacoa, and we have some lessons to share!

How to rent an apartment in Jarabacoa:

  1. Ask/walk/talk all over town.  Preferably, avoid doing the walking in the middle of the day, when the sun is blaring down, and everyone who knows what they are doing is sensibly indoors, in the shade, or in front of a fan.
  2. Write down all the phone numbers that you see, or knock on doors.  Or, stop in the colmado and ask if anyone knows of houses for rent.  Here, you are likely to get a whole bunch of leads, rapid fire questions and conversations, and to make a bunch of new friends.
  3. Once you find something promising, meet the neighbors.  And the people that own the bakery across the street.  And the kids playing with the puppy in front of house.  This is likely to increase your happiness and your bargaining power in entering the neighborhood.
  4. When bargaining with your summer landlord, throw some dinner plans into the mix!  In our negotiations, we offered a nicely prepared meal in our potential home in exchange for a discount.  Somehow, we ended up with a smaller discount than planned, but with our new landlord and friend Raul supplying the food for said meal.
  5. Lastly, for internet, talk to everyone.  Once you have agreed to share internet with your neighbor, run the cable through the kitchen, over the roof, and into the bedroom window.  Not only do we get internet, but a new Spanish/English exchange partner.

Those are the logistical tips we garnered over the last couple of days.  More to come, and farmer updates starting Monday…

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