How do we know the coffee is organic? Is there a certification for that?

We’ve been asked this question a couple of times recently (thanks for reaching out!).  So here’s the skinny on how the certification works for this whole organic thing.

Our coffee is certified organic by an independent certifier, BCS Öko-Garantie GmbH, which is based in Germany.  This organization visits a percentage of the farmers that we work with each year to do various tests and inspections in order to ensure that the production and processing used by the farmers meets the USDA organic certification requirements.  The organization certifies a number of different agricultural products, and more than 450,000 farmers around the world.

Our farmers’ certification falls under the BCS Oko-Garantie certification provided by the Belarminio Ramirez, CxA, a company based in Jarabacoa, Dominican Republic, where the farms are located.  Because the organic certification is rigorous and costly, many of Jarabacoa’s small scale organic farmers are incorporated and inspected for this certification as part of a Jarabacoa coffee community initiative.  We get a list each year of the farmers that are certified, which of course includes each of the farmer’s that we work with.

Perhaps most importantly, we work in partnership with each farmer on coffee growing and processing initiatives, which means that we’re on their farms and talking about the “latest and greatest” in organic techniques a few times a year.  If this brings up other questions, feel free to send them to us at  Since we are often in Jarabacoa doing work with the farmers, we would be happy to chat with them about anything specific that you might think of or want to know more about!

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