A bean tale…

We are on a great and constant pursuit of knowledge, closer relationships, and well, ever better coffee. Today, that pursuit led us to bean counting.  Literally.  We spent two hours going over beans.

Part of the process of evaluating the coffee each harvest season is to look for defects.  These defects can happen naturally, on the farm, or in the process of getting the bean from being a cherry to being the green coffee bean that comes to the US to be roasted.  Defects are always present, but with specialty coffee they should be at a bare minimum.  We work with the farmers and on processing to ensure that each harvest has fewer defects than the last.

Liga Masiva’s next import is ready and waiting.  The coffee has been through a long process: grown, picked, depulped, fermented, washed, dried, hulled, weighed, sorted by color, and reviewed by hand.  Even with all that care, some defects make it through.  You might find a couple of beans that are “withered” (arrugado), little and wrinkly.  A couple might have “broca”, a little hole that almost looks like where a worm got into an apple, caused by an insect that is a bane to many coffee farmers.  Or, you might find “bitten” (mordido) beans, ones that were slightly damaged going through the depulper.

Today we saw some bitten beans.  This helps us figure out that a priority for this summer is to create a workshop with farmers to make sure their depulpers are in perfect working condition.  It makes your beans even better.  We’ll be sure to keep you up to date on how the workshop goes in the next couple of weeks.

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